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Clothing fashion is rushing forward and a few months is really enough for the trends to really change and for our closets filled with clothes to loose their value. Buying branded clothes from the best producers in the world surely is not for everyone but a solution to this problem might be website.

Originating from Hong Kong, this on-line store advertises itself as the always on-time supplier of clothing designed by the best specialists, which not only looks good but is also professionally made and, at the same time, available for a fraction of what you would normally have to pay for branded clothes.

What can we find interesting here? website. Source: is an on-line store, which advertises itself primarily as the perfect place for women to do shopping. There is no denying that after a more in-depth analysis of the offer it turns out to be quite wide. We can not only find clothes, but also footwear, bags and other accessories in variety that allows to create any outfit. In addition, you can also find lingerie, even active underwear for people, who do sports, as well as a wide choice of make-up accessories.

What is interesting, the store clearly advertises as a place, which is always in touch with current fashion trends. At the same time, the store targets independent women, who like individuality and are looking for unusual outfits. primarily emphasises its professional approach to the quality of all sold clothes. Each client taking advantage of the shop’s offer gets a guarantee of not only great style but also good quality of clothes and all other products available in the store. The store’s headquarters is located in Hong Kong so you can expect the clothing to come from producers that operate in this part of the world.

Rich assortment of women’s clothing

Fashionable dresses from

We mentioned a little bit about the assortment, which is actually intended for women only, that can be found in the on-line store. Among clothing we can also find complete sets that include t-shirts, shirts, dresses, mini-skirts, tunics and many other pieces of clothing that will surely satisfy any woman’s needs. The outfit can be completed by shoes available in wide variety.

Interesting offer is connected with lingerie, which can be found not only in everyday version but also in a more elegant for special occasions. offers a wide choice of active underwear, breathable, which was made to provide comfort for people, who do various sports.

Apart from that, women can also find swimsuits, stock up on new glasses or handbags or buy make-up accessories. The store also offers a good choice of jewellery, starting from bracelets and rings, through to really impressive necklaces.

Affordable prices for any budget

Although advertises itself as a store that keeps up with current fashion standards and one that diversifies it’s collections with new clothes, it has to be admitted that the prices are on a really affordable level. Because the shop is located on the territory of Hong Kong all prices are given in dollars so the final amount that has to be paid depends on the current exchange rate for our currency. There are no problems with payments. Customers can pay via the popular money transfer system PayPal as well as credit cards, which makes shopping easier regardless of where you live.

Multitude of attractive promotions on-line store, like any other trade point, regularly introduces different types of promotions, but in this case lowering the prices is not only about that. The company has its own partner program that any customer can join. You only need to recommend the store, at least to your friends and family. The person recommending the store can get a commission of up to 20% for shopping made by a person, who registered through the recommendation.

A short guide about ordering


In the end, it is worth looking at the very process of ordering products on the website. Fortunately, the process itself is not very complicated. So, how can you do shopping:

  • Adding products to the cart – the buying process is very standard and does not differ from other on-line stores. Put the chosen products in your virtual cart and after you are done choosing just go to the cart. Accepting the order you have to register your customer account or log in if you already have an account.
  • Payment and delivery data ­– accepting the cart with the order moves you to a form, where you have to choose delivery method. In the form you need to provide detailed delivery data and then choose one of the payment methods, which is the most convenient for you.
  • Choice of delivery methods – it is very important that can deliver the ordered products to any place on our planet. Before dong shopping you should familiarise yourself with the table of fees, which varies depending on the destination of the package. What is important, you can choose between standard delivery, which will be delivered within 6 to 25 days and express delivery with delivery time from 6 to 15 days. The store also offers free standard delivery from orders for $30 or free express delivery for orders from $99.
  • Ordering and waiting for the delivery – after choosing delivery method and paying there is nothing else for you to do but wait for your package. The store guarantees its users’ that the package will be completed and sent within max. 10 days from placing the order.
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Zaful - reviews:

  1. auria corbitt says:

    I’ve known this store for a while, but I’ve always been afraid to order there. I have one question. If I place an order will I be able to constantly see the order status and where the package is at a given moment? In general, is package tracking thorough or is it like with free delivery from china that when the package leaves their country there is no track of it?

  2. kassi edmonson says:

    What are your opinions regarding the quality of these clothes? On the pictures they look very nice but I’m a bit worried that I’ll get the worst chinese stuff that after first washing will loose all the colours.

  3. wenonah dunigan says:

    I’m a bit scared by the negative opinions that I found online. Is it true that the package might not be delivered and then you’re left with this problem alone? I don’t believe in it entirely since the transactions are registered but maybe you have some other experiences?

  4. ferdinande pinder says:

    Hello everyone. I have one question because there’s something I don’t really understand. Does this shop sell branded clothing or are they some own brands known only on the local market?

  5. stillman casteel says:

    Hey, this might be a stupid question but are the sizes close to reality in this store? It happened to me more than once that size S, although it’s the size I wear, was too small an I had to buy a larger size, I don’t want stuff like that to happen here because I’m guessing that returning the products is a drag.

  6. prue revis says:

    How long in fact do you have to wait when you choose the cheapest delivery method?

  7. denis carney says:

    Well, I’m wondering about the returns, is it possible to get your money back when something goes wrong?

  8. Anonymous says:

    What is the adddress of this shop her in hongkong

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