Airydress – a store with affordable, exciting clothing. Is it worth buying? Your reviews

Shopping for clothes is always an exciting event for women. Nowadays, the search for the most beautiful and best outfits definitely does not have to mean wasting numerous hours on checking the offer of dozens of stores in shopping malls.

Today you can browse thousands of beautiful clothes in one place without leaving your home, of course taking advantage of online shopping offers.

Since the popularity of this type of shopping is constantly growing, today we will take a closer look at a company named Airydress, which guarantees a wide selection of women’s clothing from well-known manufacturers and at affordable prices. Is it really so?

A few words about the store


The company has its roots in Hong Kong and it can now boast extensive experience, but for many years it has already operated internationally, with branches in many countries. Airydress can be found, among others, in the United States, Great Britain or Australia, but, importantly, the company can deliver its products to virtually any place in the world.

What is most important, though, the online store boasts not only a huge selection of clothing products (over 10,000 at the moment), but also excellent quality of clothing. As we learn from the official website, the company focuses on products exclusively from well-known and respected manufacturers, for which it provides a long warranty.

The store also boasts its speed of delivery, a high level of security of purchases and the ease of viewing products as well as placing orders.

What will we find in the product range?

Over 10,000 clothing products undoubtedly sounds impressive and we remind you that the entire offer is devoted to women. We will find here a huge selection of textile products, so we can literally dress ourselves from head to toe. The product range, among others, includes the following:

  • dresses for various occasions and for every season;
  • fashionable pants;
  • blouses;
  • footwear;
  • swimsuits;
  • everyday clothing, including T-shirts, skirts, sweaters and sweatshirts.

After selecting any of the above categories, we can very easily narrow down the products, tailoring them perfectly to our needs. A well-prepared website allows to sort based on, among other things, the size, color, style or season of the year which the clothing is meant for. This testifies to the company’s assurances about the ease of shopping and browsing products.

Basic prices and promotions


It is obvious that a great advantage of this company is constantly organized promotions. A large portion of over 10,000 products is regularly on sale and, what is worth mentioning, this does not apply only to ends of lines or items from the previous season.

After entering a specific category, we immediately see products at promotional prices at the top. In addition, there are attractive sales grouped in a separate category. These offers change very often, which is guaranteed by the shop itself, and therefore it is worth visiting this place regularly.

Not to be groundless, we decided to present a few of the current offers, which, in our opinion, clearly prove that in this store you can really buy things on a budget.

  1. casual dress in an informal style above the knee reduced from USD 32 to USD 15;
  2. fashionable summer sandals decorated with crystals for USD 15 instead of USD 37;
  3. two-piece polyester bikini discounted from USD 30 to USD 17.

Shipping and returns


We have already mentioned that the company ships its products to every country in the world and these deliveries are realized through courier firms such as UPS, DHL or EMS. Importantly, each person placing an order has two basic delivery options here. It can be standard or express shipping, delivered in extremely short time.

According to the information provided by the company, there are no problems, either, with returns of ordered items, should someone need to do so. Returns can be accomplished within the standard 14 days by sending a completed return form to the e-mail address available on the website. By law, after submitting such a form, you have another 14 days to complete the return.

Customers’ reviews

The information provided by the online store is one side of the coin; of course, in many cases it can be significantly misleading. In order to thoroughly check what Airydress actually offers, we decided to carefully examine opinions and comments, of which there is no shortage online.

According to this information, the company actually cares about the high quality of its clothing range. What is even more important, its customers confirm the efficiency of order delivery and, in many cases, very affordable prices for fashionable and elegant clothing. We also found out from the reviews that if there are any problems, customer service works very well.

Is it worth buying?

In our opinion, the offer of this online store is simply ideal for those women who want to dress fashionably but cannot afford clothing from luxury manufacturers. Considering the information provided by customers themselves, the quality of the products available in this store is high, and the variety in styles and cuts makes it easier to match the clothes with one’s needs.

For sure, however, it is worth simply visiting the store regularly and checking for new sales, which are very often updated.

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Airydress – reviews from the forum:

  1. zacherie langdon says:

    Hey, is this courier shipping free? How long, more or less of course, did you wait for the delivery? Let me know, please.

    1. Kimberly K Oyen says:

      My order took almost 1 month to ship out. I was so excited to finally get some info
      that it was in the U.S . I tracked it everyday……then the tracking said delivered to my
      front porch. I have never received it. All the tracking says is that it was delivered. I called
      the post office….but could never talk to a human. I can’t even file a missing mail claim
      For 7 days after the expected delivery date. I can’t believe they take your money and
      do not make sure your package gets to you. I am done shopping on-line.

  2. leanor kroeger says:

    I have one question for your, very important one. How’s the quality of these clothes? I mean, how well do they reproduce the colors of these pieces. Doesn’t the actual item have a much different shade from what’s shown in the picture?

    1. Anonymous says:

      There is a youtube video from a woman and none of the clothing was as represented or the fabric described the best way she describes the clothing is Halloween costume material nothing she tried on in video compared to picture clothing looked cheap and poorly made.

    2. Anonymous says:

      I bought 3 blouses and an a line dress, they looked nice and we’re described as polyester and poly cotton blends. What I recieved looks cheap, the color was same as photo on app, but material is thin and feels like the apron they put on you when you get a haircut. The sizes run small, so I ordered 2 sizes up, and the shoulders are tight, belly area super loose. if you have any kind of figure, order 2 sizes up. BE SURE TO LOOK AT SIZE CHART!! I have a pair of boots I ordered but haven’t gotten to pick them up from delivery address so idk what the quality of them are like. There customer service is great and if you rate anything less than 5 stars they immediately respond (they did with my reviews) and want to make it right. Overall, I doubt if I’ll order clothes from them for anything other than pajamas or hanging around the house clothes

  3. kimbra chee says:

    nice, but with those sales, which really look attractive, is it true that you are buying quality goods? Aren’t these some defective pieces, because the prices are so low it looks fishy…

    1. Anonymous says:

      I placed 2 orders on the 1st September & I am still waiting 4 them you cant get any sense out of them & when you check order it just says not shipped yet!!!!!

  4. cherilyn loftus says:

    is there anybody here who has shopped there??? What are their payment methods? Let me know, please!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I am trying to find website to return!!!!! It says to log into there website, apply return request.
    There isn’t one!!!
    Please advise what to do

    1. Anonymous says:

      Virtually impossible go round in circles tried every way e.mail ect to do a return clothing wrong size badly made got money back via credit card in the end

      1. Anonymous says:

        Download the app airydress and make a 1 star review for items you aren’t happy with. Idk how website works, I use the app. They responded immediately (with in 12 hours) and we’re very eager to make it right

    2. When the clothes arrive there is a return label inside the packaging, I have ordered many items, they haven’t got it all right size wise and the clothes are quite thin but great for the summer, the trousers with the curtain bottoms I say curtain because they remind me of curtain shape they go up in the middle are superb and I have ordered about 6 pairs this year some are thinner than others and as many have said you do order bigger I am an 18 on top and I order xxl and it fits great I am a 16/18 on the bottom xl does fit but I’m in a wheelchair so I find the xxl better

  6. Anonymous says:

    Where is your Returns Dept and address for notifications?

    1. Anonymous says:

      I am also trying to return items. Company did not send a returns form the receipt number i received from them upon completion of my purchase is not recognised by them.

      This seems very strange and dubious.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Are you serious? Did someone pay you for this article? This is the worst online shop ever. I waited for over a month for my products to even be sent to me. Then, after they were delivered after a long time, they were to big and very poor quality. No I want to return them, and their online form doesnt work. So i wanted to contact their service and wrote an email. I got response in chinese that their mail box is full, and I should contact them other way. This shop is a scam. No contact, poor quality, stalling or ignoring costumers. I wonder if I will ever get my money back.

    1. I agree.
      Obviously got paid.
      Article is WAY OFF

  8. Anonymous says:

    I have been extremely disappointed with this service. The items I received were very poor quality so I wished to return them. This has proved impossible! I can’t get hold of a return form or anyone to help. I have emailed them to no avail. Never would I deal with them again or recommend them.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Wrong sizes sent both dresses,also nothing like the pictures on line,and no return forms enclosed waited three weeks for these goods?

    1. Anonymous says:

      My experience also. I was very disappointed in the top I ordered. Not the same design on the front (kinda , sorta but not what was represented). Made to look dressy and a flowing tunic top. It is a cheap stiff material and comes just below my waist. Glad it was cheap.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I will never buy from Airydress. I returned two items and they are telling me they have not received them. The items were not like shown on their website. It looks like I have no chance of a refund. Buyer beware

  11. Anonymous says:

    I have emailed filled out forms tried a chat line with no response whatsoever. I bought dress which arrived different to picture, wrong size and colour. Want to return it but to where for a refund. Cannot get an address. This is terrible they have peoples money and don’t seem interested anymore, these are real scammers. Surely something can be done to close them down. The clothes are cheap, not surprising but why should people lose out.
    Why should we line their pockets

  12. Anonymous says:

    Bought 3 items sizes, ridiculous , way,way to small. Have tried to return but no way to reach them.
    There must be a law to prevent these people scamming.
    If anyone knows how to report them please let me know.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I think Airy is a scam website. The clothes are nothing like advertised, they look cheap and the sizes are small. Also you get the wrong material of clothes – all are polyester but advertised as linen or cotton blend.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I’ve just received my order after sending it off in July. They have already taken my £60 before I received my shoddy, cheap, tight, nothing like the picture goods! Here’s to trying to get a refund.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Totally agree with you – shoddy, cheap, tight and nothing like the pictures at all!

  14. Anonymous says:

    I spent over £50 on dresses from Airy and I am very disappointed. The sizes are small, the materials are not as described on their website. I thought I was getting linen/cotton blend as advertised but all the dresses are polyester.
    The pictures are very nice but be aware that you will get nothing close to them! I think Airy is a scam website.

  15. Anonymous says:

    When scammed by online retailers both here & abroad, there’s often little recourse. I can only suggest using social media, to boycott these cheats. Make a list of scammers include retailers that fail to respond to reasonable requests for refunds. List them in alphabetical order with a ‘scam tag’ i.e. poor quality, zero customer service, no refunds etc. Share with ALL your friends & get them to pass on & on & on to infinity & beyond

  16. Anonymous says:

    The items Airy sends are so different from what you see when buying. some cheap slippery nylon material fit for a cheap night gown. I regret. I spent more than $150. What a loss. I am hurting.
    No answer when asked where the shop is located.

  17. Anonymous says:

    My teenage son warned me that one of the easiest ways to spot a cam site was that the models faces were often excluded from their fashion shots – photos often taken from other bona fide fashion shoots so they hide the identify of the models. He says before parting with any money do your checking on the internet first and read the feed back – there is a site he told me deals with that but do I not recall the name

  18. Anonymous says:

    I ordered and received two dresses, described as cotton. They are cheaply made in polyester, too small. I have tried every way possible to find out how to return them, without success.
    Is there some agency that we can report to about Airydress, so that they cannot carry on this scam ? They are thieves !

  19. Anonymous says:

    A real scam. Top which arrived was far too small and different from the picture on the website. The promise of an easy return was totally false – I could never bring the return form up online at all, so no way to return the item. Steer clear of this site!


  20. Dont do it. Ordered four shirts. None of them looked like the picture online…

  21. Estie du Toit says:

    DON’T USE AIRY!!!! Our order was R3292.93 ($226.00). Airy put all the wrong prices on the invoice that came with the goods. On average they put it at 10% of the actual value. Customs in South Africa stopped this parcel because of the LOW VALUE on the invoice. Now DHL is demanding that we pay another R3354.20 ($230.21) for the parcel to be released because AIRY’S INVOICE WAS WRONG. This will make our purchase MORE THAN DOUBLE what we agreed on when we paid online. The amount gets more every day because they now charge a storage fee at customs too. I have emailed Airy numerous times, I got no reply from them and DHL is threatening me to pay their bill.

    My aunt also bought from them, and of the 12 items she ordered and received, only 8 items were correct. The other 4 items were random blouses she didn’t order.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Thank you to all of you for comment. You have saved me making a huge mistake in ordering from Airydress

  23. Anonymous says:

    Alarm bells must ring every time one sees the displayed items too good for the price , please stop using these shops are scammers. I lost a lot of money from such shops. Be careful and protect your hard earned cash.Buy from your local shops and ensure they are proper regulated.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Absolute scam ..nothing fits and everything cheaply made from bad quality material..nothing I ordered was anything like what was shown or described..Do not waste your money!

  25. Kristy Linerud says:

    I purchased a dress from this company. It took forever to arrive and when it did, it looked nothing like the picture. It looks like a dish rag and I gave it to the goodwill.. I will never purchase anything from them again

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