Airydress – a store with affordable, exciting clothing. Is it worth buying? Your reviews

Shopping for clothes is always an exciting event for women. Nowadays, the search for the most beautiful and best outfits definitely does not have to mean wasting numerous hours on checking the offer of dozens of stores in shopping malls.

Today you can browse thousands of beautiful clothes in one place without leaving your home, of course taking advantage of online shopping offers.

Since the popularity of this type of shopping is constantly growing, today we will take a closer look at a company named Airydress, which guarantees a wide selection of women’s clothing from well-known manufacturers and at affordable prices. Is it really so?

A few words about the store


The company has its roots in Hong Kong and it can now boast extensive experience, but for many years it has already operated internationally, with branches in many countries. Airydress can be found, among others, in the United States, Great Britain or Australia, but, importantly, the company can deliver its products to virtually any place in the world.

What is most important, though, the online store boasts not only a huge selection of clothing products (over 10,000 at the moment), but also excellent quality of clothing. As we learn from the official website, the company focuses on products exclusively from well-known and respected manufacturers, for which it provides a long warranty.

The store also boasts its speed of delivery, a high level of security of purchases and the ease of viewing products as well as placing orders.

What will we find in the product range?

Over 10,000 clothing products undoubtedly sounds impressive and we remind you that the entire offer is devoted to women. We will find here a huge selection of textile products, so we can literally dress ourselves from head to toe. The product range, among others, includes the following:

  • dresses for various occasions and for every season;
  • fashionable pants;
  • blouses;
  • footwear;
  • swimsuits;
  • everyday clothing, including T-shirts, skirts, sweaters and sweatshirts.

After selecting any of the above categories, we can very easily narrow down the products, tailoring them perfectly to our needs. A well-prepared website allows to sort based on, among other things, the size, color, style or season of the year which the clothing is meant for. This testifies to the company’s assurances about the ease of shopping and browsing products.

Basic prices and promotions


It is obvious that a great advantage of this company is constantly organized promotions. A large portion of over 10,000 products is regularly on sale and, what is worth mentioning, this does not apply only to ends of lines or items from the previous season.

After entering a specific category, we immediately see products at promotional prices at the top. In addition, there are attractive sales grouped in a separate category. These offers change very often, which is guaranteed by the shop itself, and therefore it is worth visiting this place regularly.

Not to be groundless, we decided to present a few of the current offers, which, in our opinion, clearly prove that in this store you can really buy things on a budget.

  1. casual dress in an informal style above the knee reduced from USD 32 to USD 15;
  2. fashionable summer sandals decorated with crystals for USD 15 instead of USD 37;
  3. two-piece polyester bikini discounted from USD 30 to USD 17.

Shipping and returns


We have already mentioned that the company ships its products to every country in the world and these deliveries are realized through courier firms such as UPS, DHL or EMS. Importantly, each person placing an order has two basic delivery options here. It can be standard or express shipping, delivered in extremely short time.

According to the information provided by the company, there are no problems, either, with returns of ordered items, should someone need to do so. Returns can be accomplished within the standard 14 days by sending a completed return form to the e-mail address available on the website. By law, after submitting such a form, you have another 14 days to complete the return.

Customers’ reviews

The information provided by the online store is one side of the coin; of course, in many cases it can be significantly misleading. In order to thoroughly check what Airydress actually offers, we decided to carefully examine opinions and comments, of which there is no shortage online.

According to this information, the company actually cares about the high quality of its clothing range. What is even more important, its customers confirm the efficiency of order delivery and, in many cases, very affordable prices for fashionable and elegant clothing. We also found out from the reviews that if there are any problems, customer service works very well.

Is it worth buying?

In our opinion, the offer of this online store is simply ideal for those women who want to dress fashionably but cannot afford clothing from luxury manufacturers. Considering the information provided by customers themselves, the quality of the products available in this store is high, and the variety in styles and cuts makes it easier to match the clothes with one’s needs.

For sure, however, it is worth simply visiting the store regularly and checking for new sales, which are very often updated.

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Airydress – reviews from the forum:

  1. Hey, is this courier shipping free? How long, more or less of course, did you wait for the delivery? Let me know, please.

  2. I have one question for your, very important one. How’s the quality of these clothes? I mean, how well do they reproduce the colors of these pieces. Doesn’t the actual item have a much different shade from what’s shown in the picture?

  3. nice, but with those sales, which really look attractive, is it true that you are buying quality goods? Aren’t these some defective pieces, because the prices are so low it looks fishy…

  4. is there anybody here who has shopped there??? What are their payment methods? Let me know, please!

  5. I am trying to find website to return!!!!! It says to log into there website, apply return request.
    There isn’t one!!!
    Please advise what to do

  6. Where is your Returns Dept and address for notifications?


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