An attribute of most women is, of course, a closet filled with clothes, which should always be up to date with current fashion trends. 

Not everyone has enough money to regularly change their wardrobe according to the newest collections from known designers. Each fashion lover can shop at SammyDress, which is the modern on-line shop that tries to follow current fashion trends and always has interesting collections on offer. The offer seems interesting since you can order retail but for prices similar to wholesale prices. What does this on-line store has to offer and is it really worth shopping here?

What does the tore brag about in its description?

Starting the analysis of the shop it’s worth having a close look at what every customer is guaranteed, of course based on the description on the website. Apart from information about wide choice we can also find out about the fact that the store maintains a high level of quality standards in co-operation with the best clothing manufacturers.

This should be reflected not only in the good quality of execution but also interesting style. The store, according to promises, tries to constantly update its clothing, footwear and accessories offer adjusting it to current trends. We are also guaranteed exceptionally low prices that are close to wholesale prices, which are a result of great negotiations with many manufacturers. SammyDress store additionally guarantees fast and safe delivery and a variety of possibilities to lower the prices while shopping.

Wide assortment for men and women

There is no denying that when it comes to assortment store can be really proud. The offer is based on collections of various clothing not only for women but also for men or even children. Apart from that you can also find footwear and many different accessories such as belts, hats, scarves or bags.

The assortment in the store was divided quite well into intuitive categories and the website itself is available in a few language versions, which should make it easy for almost anyone to move around the website.

Affordable prices with many possibilities to lower them

Although the price levels are always a personal matter, the offers indeed look very attractive. The currency you pay in for shopping are dollars and you can use a few convenient payments methods. What is interesting is the fact that the price can drop as you increase the value of your order.

It happens because SammyDress has prepared a special benefits package for people, who order more products. A table available on the website shows detailed sections of the value of the order that need to be reached in order to get additional percentage discounts for the entire order. Apart from that the company also has their own partner program. By promoting the store, with banners on the website at least, you can draw new customers. For each new registered person from your recommendation you get a commission counted on the basis of expenses made.

Multitude of attractive promotions

Low prices on SammyDress are regularly lowered thanks to different sales or time-limited promotions. Well thought through structure of the website makes the available offers visible at first sight and it is really hard to miss them.

Find out how to order on the website

Undoubtedly the owners of made sure that the process of ordering on the website is intuitive. Thanks to that the system does not differ a lot from the majority of on-line stores. A disadvantage for some might be the fact that the store does not give the possibility to shop anonymously so without a registered account. Fortunately, registration is entirely free. What does the purchasing process look like?

  1. Set up an account and chooseproducts

It is worth to start the ordering process from registering a free user account, which means that you need to fill a few boxes in a form. After setting up an account and logging in you can browse through the store’s offer and place interesting products in your virtual cart.

  1. Accepting the virtual cart

When you are done completing your order it is time to move through to the virtual cart visible in the corner of the website. There, you will be asked to confirm your order and check or complete the delivery data. You can also choose the delivery method suitable for your needs and then you move through to payment.

  1. A few payment methods to choose

SammyDress has definitely taken care of the shoppers’ comfort by offering great possibilities to pay for orders placed. First of all, you can use the convenient PayPal systems that functions anywhere in the world or you can pay with any Visa or MasterCard credit card. There is also the possibility to make a regular bank transfer, but you need to remember that some banks charge extra fees for converting such transactions if you are using different currency than dollars. Additional options that the users can choose are payment via Western Union, Webmoney, Cashu or Boleto Bancario.

  1. Shipment and waiting for the delivery

After choosing the delivery method and paying for the order placed there is nothing else for you to do than wait for the delivery. Through your account you can constantly check the delivery status of your order and where it exactly is in a given moment. Delivery time depends on individual choice of delivery method. The store guarantees the completion of your order, which means delivery, within 3 to 7 working days.

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Sammydress - reviews:

  1. Can someone please tell me what is the cost of shipping in this store? I’m trying to find some coherent information on the website but all I found were time windows for delivery. I didn’t find any information about that… I’ll be grateful for any help.

  2. I’m trying to find some trustworthy opinions about this store on-line but there’s nothing. It makes me wonder a little bit. Please write what you think whether it’s positive or negative, just please let me know if you had any problems with orders, deliveries, are the products really good quality? I’m really curious if the actual condition reflects what we can see in pictures.

  3. One question, are these branded clothes or are they from some unknown manufacturers? I’m browsing through the store’s offer and I can’t find nay info, about who is responsible for production… It’s a bit strange…

  4. If a place an order and pay with a credit card will the bank charge any additional fee? I’ve never bought anything on foreign stores and I don’t want to be charged with high fees, that’s why I’m asking.

  5. Too bad there is no forum for this store, I’d love to find out about the experiences of people, who already ordered something.

  6. They do have cool clothes :D I’d love to get a few of them but the store doesn’t give the possibility to pay via bank transfer or am I wrong? Paypal is not for me and I don’t have a credit card.

  7. Is there an option to pay at delivery? I don’t really trust foreign on-line stores.

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