Until recently, Chinese products were mostly associated with shoddy goods and very low prices which, nevertheless, perfectly reflected the quality of workmanship.

The growing popularity of such Chinese online stores as Aliexpress, however, is beginning to significantly change this view of Chinese production. It is worth adding at the same time that China itself has been showing a more reliable approach to work.

Although the progress resulting from better quality control in this country is still slow, everything is changing for the better, and the latest craze in regards to the Chinese electronics brand Xiaomi, which is aggressively conquering the European market, is the best proof that the quality of Chinese production is clearly improving. Today, we will have a closer look at the SHEIN website, which is nothing else than a Chinese fashion store. Is shopping there noteworthy and does the affordable price go hand-in-hand with good quality?

A brief history and description of shein.com

First of all, it is very important that SHEIN is not new on the market. The brand was actually created in 2008 and since then it has been very dynamically moving forward to become one of the most important players currently in the Chinese textile industry. To facilitate shopping, the company at this time has 3 locations on different continents.

The headquarters, of course, remains in China, but the company also operates in Europe and in the United States.
The company specializes in selling all types of clothing, both for women a

Website. Source: http://shein.com

nd for men, but of its own brands. SHEIN focuses not only on the convenience of shopping itself, through a transparent website and a convenient transaction system. At the same time, the store also runs an affiliate marketing program, which is very popular, especially among fashion bloggers.

The store assures as well that they are constantly working on improving the conditions related to the delivery of goods so that every customer, no matter where he or she lives, can promptly start enjoying their purchase. For the sake of convenience, the site is also being expanded in terms of different language versions; currently, there are seven of them, including several European languages, English and Arabic.

Wide range of clothing at the SHEIN store

An unquestionable advantage of the SHEIN online store is the huge versatility of its offer. In reality, everyone can find something suitable, because the entire range of the textile industry is available for both men and women. In the store, women will find, among other articles, fashionable dresses, suits, underwear, jackets or trousers, and also fancy accessories or elegant shoes for various occasions. The same choice of clothing applies also to men, who can easily find there clothing from head to toe, for any season of the year.

Brief instructions on how to order products at the store

We have already mentioned that SHEIN is trying to create a store that is as user-friendly as possible, where shopping is clear and fast. The result is a simple ordering process not much different from the system known from many other popular online stores. So, how does one place an order on shein.com?

SHEIN’s sales. Source: http://shein.com

We begin by creating a user account on the website (if we don’t have one already), which requires providing some simple personal information.

After registering a user account and logging in we can start perusing the entire offer and selecting the clothes we like, each selected product is added to the virtual shopping cart through “add to cart”, and, of course, nothing stops us from filling the cart with multiple products and thus building the order, the shopping process ends by finalizing the purchase of the items in the cart, which is done through the “continue checkout” button.

Now you can enter the rebate code, if you have one and in the next step we have to provide detailed shipping information for our purchase, the next step is selecting the shipping method. We can choose standard or express shipping, the difference being not just the cost, but also shipping time.

Standard shipping is always free, while express shipping is free only if the value of our purchase reaches a certain amount, finally, there is nothing else left to do but paying for the purchase. We can transfer the funds via a Paypal account or use a credit card.

Sales and discounts

It is important to emphasize that the SHEIN clothing store is constantly trying to encourage its users to shop by arranging promotional campaigns. On the website you will find a special category with current sales that reach even 90%. In addition, as new users, we get a discount shopping voucher to start, and by participating in the affiliate program and recommending the store, you can of course earn further attractive discounts.

Is it worth being interested in the SHEIN store?

The SHEIN online store with Chinese clothing can certainly turn out to be an interesting alternative to many local boutiques. An important advantage is the fact that we have a wide selection of clothing to choose from in one place, and we can take advantage of wholesale prices for retail purchases.

When deciding to buy clothes, it is good to take the size information with a pinch of salt. Standards related to size marking can differ between Asian countries, Europe and the United States. To be more confident that the purchased clothing will fit, it is best to examine specific measurements that can be found on each page with the clothing offer.

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SHEIN - reviews from the forum:

  1. nalani bullins says:

    Ello! How’s the quality of these clothes from Chinese producers? Not total racket, rags that will lose all color in the first washing or will fall apart in my hands?

  2. hollis pettit says:

    Ladies’ accessories look sweet. How long more or less do you have to wait do the delivery from this store? Do you need to prep yourself to wait for weeks?

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