Knowing foreign languages, especially English, is nowadays the basis of professional success. Large, highly respected companies most often carry out their activities internationally and for this reason their employees should be fairly fluent in different languages, both in writing and in speech.

While as children we absorb knowledge very well and we do not have major problems with learning, in the case of adults things get tough.

Acquiring linguistic knowledge becomes more difficult, we have less time to study, and on top of that we often lack the appropriate motivation. Apart from going to a language school, you can of course take advantage of special learning systems as well; there is no shortage of those on the internet, but their effectiveness often leaves much to be desired. Nevertheless, there is a system, specifically Ling Fluent, which enjoys exceptionally good reviews and great popularity. Is it attractive and why can it be so?

What is it?

The problem with learning a foreign language often lies not only in the lack of motivation, but also in the incorrect method of teaching it. Language schools most often start with learning mass quantities of vocabulary, forcing students to read books, which unfortunately is boring by nature and makes learning ineffective, and a lot of knowledge evaporates very quickly.

The Ling Fluent system, as we learn from official information, has been created the way that activates the brain to work more effectively and increase the intensity of memorization, without an enormous amount of work and waste of time.

The whole system is based on specially prepared multimedia flashcards that show words one after another combining them with interesting pictures and high-quality sounds. Therefore, this method supports visual learning. Most people are visual learners and associating different facts with images enables better memorization. Here we get the word and the related picture together with the right sound.

It is very interesting that the creator of this learning system recommends it regardless of what foreign language we want to master and how old we are. Its additional great advantage is to be the automatic motivation of the student. Fast results of studying encourage one to spend more time on it, which should allow you to pick up the language fairly well in a short time.

The effectiveness of the method

What is the effectiveness of using these multimedia flashcards? The company that sells access to these cards guarantees that you can learn practically any foreign language in about 14 days.

This is to be possible primarily due to the fact that a properly developed flashcard formula allows you to learn even over 200 new words a day, motivating you to learn more. As we learn from the official website dedicated to the system, there are people who have been able to learn over 500 new words in less than 48 hours.

The big advantage of the entire system is its mobility. The flashcards are available on a variety of devices, not only on computers, but also on mobile phones or tablets. Thanks to this, you can easily study at any time, even when traveling to work.

The price

As you probably expect, the prospect of acquiring a fairly good knowledge of a foreign language in just 2 weeks can be quite expensive, and unfortunately it is no different in this case. Access to the full set of flashcards adapted to the language and the level we want to master is an expense of as much as 79USD.

Currently, however, you can take advantage of an attractive promotion, which may encourage many people to make use of this offer. The creator of the entire system grants 55% rebate to all those who visit his website for the first time. This means that the full course can be purchased for 37USD. In our opinion, it is difficult to find a language school where we would pay less for our education.


We have already mentioned that the Ling Fluent system is enjoying great popularity and very good opinions. We did not depend here on the reviews that are on the official website, as these may have little to do with reality.

However, the information found on the internet speaks for itself. Lots of people are surprised by how fast the acquisition of the language progressed. Many of those who shared their opinions claim that they could take the first serious steps already after 4 days of learning, answering simple e-mails in a foreign language. Customers also praise the interesting format of the flashcards and the enormous convenience of using them.

Is it worth ordering?

The prospect of finding a better job is probably the most important reason that may encourage one to take advantage of such an offer. However, knowledge of foreign languages ​​may also be useful in everyday life. In our opinion, the system is interesting since you can simply use it wherever you want, learning exactly when you have time for it.

It is also worth looking into because the distributor of the flashcards gives a special guarantee to his customers.

In the case of dissatisfaction with the effects of learning, one can receive a full refund, no questions asked, as the assurance promises.

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Ling Fluent - reviews:

  1. ewell cartwright says:

    has anybody tried learning Japanese using these flashcards? I’ve always been fascinated with this language and I’ve tried a few times to learn it but sadly with very poor results ;/

  2. gina crandell says:

    if I buy flashcards for one concrete language, are they mine forever, or do I get access for some time only? Secondly, if the flashcards are updated in some way, will I also have access to them?

  3. whitney drye says:

    Let me know how exactly this language learning works. Maybe someone has done it already and can brag about it. I’m also curious how long it took you to learn it and if you can actually communicate fairly fluently afterwards.

  4. We have limited Ling FLuent -50% discount offer FOR YOU – Ends 15.06.24. Click to see it

  5. bu639esie2kk says:

    try for yourself;)

  6. Peter Hellesøe says:

    Jeg har i et par år lært italiensk via Lingfluent. Jeg har betalt for et uendeligt abbonement, men nu kan jeg ikke komme ind i programmet.

    [email protected]

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