Muama Enence – is this really a good pocket translator? Your reviews and experiences with the device

The world has long become “the global village”. It’s not just the result of dynamic growth of the internet, but also the airline industry.

Today, even in Poland, you can buy airline tickets for figurative pennies. We’re able to travel fast, comfortably, and safely, even to far corners of the world. But there’s still one major problem – the language barrier. In theory, the English language is the lingua franca, but not everyone can wrap their heads around it. So what then? Do you need to know multiple languages to freely communicate around the world? It turns out that no, you don’t – Muama Enence can be the solution?

How much time do you need to learn a foreign language and how can you survive without one?

Have you ever wondered how much time you need to adequately learn a foreign language? Even if you focus only on pronunciation and conversations, you can’t do it in just a few hours. People with a talent for languages might just need a few weeks. But let’s be honest, usually it’s months, after which you still don’t feel comfortable using that language.

Time is only half the success. Can you imagine learning on your own, from library books? You usually need a professional course or an online equivalent. In both cases, that means large expenses.

You can’t cut expenses down to zero, but you can limit it to just one, small expense. You just need to buy Muama Enence. It’s a revolutionary electronic device that has been growing in popularity around the world. Thanks to this device, you can travel around the whole world without wasting time for learning languages. How is that possible?

What’s this device? Technical facts

The device we’re describing, called Muama Enence, can seem simple at the first look. It’s advanced technology that can translate all registered speech “on the fly”. To put it in a few words: it’s your personal, electronic translator.

The device can proudly say it’s very effective, which is something the manufacturer advertises all the time, but it’s also very convenient. The translator is enclosed in a small, elegant case. As a result, the device can not only fit in a backpack, but also in your pocket. You can take it with you on any journey and use it whenever you need it. Importantly, the case is made of high quality material, resistant to damage.

The device has been equipped with a small, but loud speaker, so you don’t need to use earphones. You can translate a conversation simultaneously, without a mess of wires, quickly and conveniently. Of course, the translator contains a built-in high capacity battery. So you don’t need to worry that the battery will run out during your trip.

How does it work?

You’re probably thinking that it’s a complicated piece of equipment and that using it will cause problems? That’s definitely not the case, we were surprised with how simple it is ourselves. Muama Enence is equipped with two basic buttons, which will be your main focus points most of the time.

Imagine yourself in this situation: you’re in a foreign country and you come into a hotel, approach the reception desk, and want to book a room. You grab the translator and hold the A button. Now say what you want to say to the hotel employee in your language. When you’re done, release the button and the device will play what you said, translated into the foreign language you chose beforehand.

Similarly, if you want to know what your conversation partner is saying, just hold the B button and hold the device close to their mouth. Their words will be translated into your language after you release the button!

The configuration means only choosing your language and the intended foreign language. If you’re traveling to one country, you only need to set that once. Use of the device will mean simply holding and releasing two buttons.

Pros and cons

womanLet’s sum it up and talk about the most important features of this device, including:

  • compact form factor, the device can fit into any pocket,
  • support for over 40 languages from all over the world,
  • a high capacity battery that offers long battery life,
  • quick translation of conversations in real time,
  • exceptional ease of use.

What are the cons? Well, you can’t dispute the fact that simply using an electronic translator makes the conversation longer. You need to record what the other person is saying, and then play it back in your own language. The process has to be repeated every time a person speaks. In our opinion, it’s the only bad side of it, and one that’s not that important for most. Remember, you won’t need to waste time or money on language courses with this device.

The price

If you’re interested in buying this device, we have some good news for you – the manufacturer puts it on sale often. The base price of Muama Enence is over 100 USD, but relax – you can find sale offers for half the price! Sales are strictly time limited, but they regularly show up on the manufacturer’s website. So you should visit it often!


Plethora of positive opinions speak for themselves about how useful this device is in everyday life. The customers praise the effectiveness and the speed. As you can see in the comments, using the translator is very simple, the case is very damage resistant, and the battery lasts for a satisfying time on a single charge.

Is it worth to buy?

The decision whether to buy is your own. If you have issues communicating in foreign languages and you travel often, such electronic translation device can definitely make your life easier. The decision is yours!

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Muama Enence - reviews:

  1. ara schmidt says:

    I’m not going to hide it, this device is really interesting. Has anyone bought it yet? Please share whether the translation is good. Do you have to speak very slowly and precisely for it to understand you?

  2. petunia kessinger says:

    Exactly what battery is in it and how long does it work on a single charge?

  3. bride levi says:

    does anyone know where could I find a list of all supported languages? I’d be grateful for a link.

  4. gorden lockwood says:

    is it covered by a standard 2 year manufacturer warranty? I can’t see anything on the manufacturer’s website, sadly.

  5. Ahmed Elfatatry says:

    How I can buy it I’m in KSA

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