As the world grapples with pollution, the number of adults and children being diagnosed with preventable respiratory problems has increased.

Today, asthma and allergies are strife and a number of health specialists blame pollution and dust for it. To top it all, the world is now dealing with a new threat – the Coronovirus or Covid-19 as it is formally called. This virus started out in Wuhan in China and has spread across the world. While it is not a pandemic yet, WHO is close to declaring the Covid-19 outbreak as one.

Under these circumstances, people are looking for ways to protect themselves from air pollutants and disease-causing microorganisms. While surgical masks are available, they can be ineffective and expensive as you have to change them every few hours. More and more people are looking for effective anti-pollution masks that can also protect them from bacteria and viruses. Perhaps, that is where OxyBreath Pro comes in.

Here is an unbiased review of this new product that could be just what people are looking for to protect themselves from air pollution, and airborne bacteria and viruses.

OxyBreath Pro – what is it exactly?

OxyBreath Pro is an anti-pollution mask that filters air and removes microscopic particulate matter as well as microorganisms from the air that you breathe. It is designed to completely cover the mouth and nose and functions as a defense mechanism against airborne particles.

The OxyBreath Pro website claims that the mask is effective in protecting the wearer from dust, allergens, bacteria, and viruses. The lightweight mask is made from polyurethane and hence, it is washable and reusable, unlike a surgical mask.

The mask first made an appearance on 29 January 2020. While the official website does not speak about Coronavirus, the resultant deaths and infections across the world due to the virus is making people more cautious. Hence, there is a demand for masks that have the ability to filter out contaminants and pollutants. OxyBreath Pro seems to have come out at an opportune moment, considering the public health scare that is occurring due to worldwide Coronavirus infection.

How is it supposed to work?

According to the official website, OxyBreathPro uses nanotechnology air filters that can filter all contaminants and microparticles that are bigger than PM2.5, which means that any particle that is larger than 2.5 micrometers will be filtered. It is also effective against PM0.3, something that many other face masks do not offer.

Based on this information, OxyBreath Pro states that anyone wearing this mask will be protected from:

  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Allergens
  • Microparticles

It has a valve that closes when you inhale so that the airborne particles cannot enter and the valve opens when you exhale to allow carbon monoxide and moisture to leave the mask. The valve has a five-layer activated carbon filter and nanotechnology air filter to ensure no airborne particles enter your body through respiration.

OxyBreath Pro is washable so you can keep using it without any worries. It is designed to be worn on the face, covering the nose and mouth. There are straps that go over the ears and keep the mask in place.

How much do you have to pay for it?

The OxyBreath Pro mask costs $49 but if you buy it here, you will be entitled to an attractive discount that can make your purchase affordable. You can avail of the first-time buyer discount, which is 50%. In addition, you also benefit from free shipping.

The more masks you purchase, the lesser you will pay for your order. Shipping is included in the price so you will not incur any additional costs.

Returns and complaints

Since this mask was launched just on 29 January 2020, there are no complaints at the moment about the mask. Generally, customers are happy with the mask and there are no complaints from buyers.

The OxyBreath Pro though offers a three-year warranty at an additional cost of $9. It is not clear how that warranty will be used and what customers can expect.

The official website states that it has a 30-day return policy, and a refund will be made as long as the product is unopened and sent back in the original packing. However, there are no refunds for products sold on discount or through outlets.

Customer opinions and reviews

The official website of OxyBreath Pro has published a few customer reviews. These reviews show that most buyers are satisfied and happy with their masks. However, the authenticity of these reviews cannot be guaranteed.

The reviews and opinions that we found online after extensive search were generally positive and most verified buyers are happy with the mask and its level of comfort. As of now, nothing negative has been posted by verified buyers and that indicates that the initial response to OxyBreath Pro has been positive.

Is it worth to buy it?

We believe that people should make up their minds on their own after doing due diligence. However, with the latest health scare that is left countries reeling, it is advisable that you try out the OxyBreath Pro. After all, there will be no harm in trying out a mask that claims to protect you from bacteria and viruses.

The mask is not available on Amazon or eBay, and the manufacturer website is the only safe place where you can buy this mask for best price possible.

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Oxybreath Pro - reviews:

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    A bit pricey but it does the job

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    I’m also looking for someone who has bought the mask. Hey, any comments about it?

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    What are your thoughts about the mask? Is it effective as claimed by the website?

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    Yes, I too want to know

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    Guys, please let me know if it is worth buying this mask?

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    Anyone? Please answer the question so that I can make up my mind.

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