Ever since the first pocket-sized cameras appeared around the world, people have just fallen in love with photographing all the beautiful moments of their lives.

The development of mobile phones, now smartphones, only intensified this fashion. Later on, the times of selfies came and one of the elements that impacted their growth was the selfie-stick, which made it easier to take pictures of oneself, as well as to photograph less accessible objects.

Times change, though; technological progress is gaining momentum, and with it new ways of photographing beauty emerge. Of course, we are talking about drones, increasingly popular devices, produced by numerous companies; devices, whose prices are constantly falling. Small, flying robots can be surprisingly simple to fly, and better and better cameras mounted on their board make it possible for everyone to take beautiful bird’s-eye-view pictures.

Unfortunately, though, the prices of such equipment have not yet fallen to a very low level. In most cases, we have to expect a minimum of 300-400 USD to get our hands onto a device that is functional, well made and, above all, equipped with a good quality video-camera, camera and instrumentation. Recently, however, a lot has been said about the DroneX Pro drone, which is to revolutionize the market. According to the manufacturer, this is an absolute price hit; a drone at the price of a device of a mid-range standard, which is equipped with truly high-class instrumentation.

A short description of the device

What should you take into account when buying such equipment? Certainly the quality of workmanship, especially when we do not have experience in drone flying. Of course, the device can easily be damaged if it is extremely fragile. Another thing, however, are the technological solutions that facilitate flying the device, while giving us more freedom in shooting photos instead of focusing on stabilizing the drone in the air.

These are just some of the advantages of DroneX Pro. The device is not only well made, but also designed in such a way that it is easy to replace the blades when damaged. It is the rotor blades that break down most frequently in such equipment. Added to this are modern systems facilitating takeoffs and landings, preventing collisions or automatically holding the drone in one position, giving the operator the opportunity to focus on the pictures.

However, there is no need to go on rambling here… Certainly, you are most interested in the so-called meat, that is the guts of this equipment and its capabilities. So, let us check them out!!

Technical specifications

Let us start with the most crucial, cold facts, that is what basic technical specification that the DroneX Pro device can boast. On board you will find, among others:

  • battery with a capacity of 500 mAh, which allows for continuous operation of the device from 7 to even 12 minutes;
  • charging time of about 60 minutes;
  • remote control range up to approximately 100 meters;
  • 6-axis gyroscope facilitating drone control;
  • built-in camera recording image in HD quality with a 120-degree angle of view;
  • easily replaceable rotor blades;
  • GPS module;
  • foldable structure making it easy to transport the drone;
  • light weight of about 137 g;
  • the size of the drone itself: 130x130x70 mm when unfolded.

However, this is only dry, basic technical information about this device. The interesting tidbits are hidden in the technologies that found their way to the board of this inconspicuous drone. One of the more significant ones is definitely the flight stabilization system that keeps the device in one position. The device can automatically maintain the height at the indicated point, allowing the operator to take pictures freely.

Another important function is automatic takeoff and landing in one point. The drone can independently take off very smoothly and remember the initial position, and later return to this point on its own and automatically land safely. In addition, DroneX Pro also has a collision avoidance system that detects the proximity of objects and reacts accordingly to such alert.

The remote controller itself is also worth mentioning. It has been designed in such a way as to make it as easy as possible to control the drone. In addition, it has a special smartphone holder that can be adapted to the majority of devices available on the market today. On the smartphone you can install a free application dedicated to the drone. It allows, among other things, to record the way of the device while flying, as well as a live view from the camera mounted on its board.

The equipment is also very easy to pack. The blades and protruding parts of the device close inwards, making the device in the folded form only 225x185x77 mm.

Comparison with competitors

Well, DroneX Pro has a lot of interesting features, it is handy, easy to fly and easy to take pictures from the air. What is so unusual about it, though? The device can be obtained for an amount below USD 150 and it is here that we have the greatest advantage of this piece of equipment.

The instrumentation it includes is mainly available in drones that often cost several times more. As a comparison, cheap Overmax X-Bee equipment, which we will get for about USD 80, does not have a GPS module, replaceable rotor blades, and it is not equipped with a collision avoidance system or automatic take-off and landing solutions.

The above functions cannot be found in the Ryze Tello device, either, which can cost close to USD 170-180. The drone does fold to such a compact size, it has a camera that registers the image in a similar quality, and its theoretical advantage is a larger capacity of its battery. Do not kid yourself, however; the device simply consumes more energy and as a result the flight time on a single charge is similar.

Only competitors’ devices such as Acme X9100 may to some extent match the functionality of the DroneX Pro device, but we will pay for it over USD 300, and we will not get a compact form after folding, nor a collision avoidance system.

The price

The price of this drone has been partly revealed before. At the moment, we will pay about 100$ (depending on when and where) for it and in our opinion it is an absolute hit on the market. For this money, it is really impossible to find equipment that would be equally well-made, functional, stuffed with modern technologies and so simple to fly.

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It is worth mentioning, however, that the device can be bought even cheaper. Just make a deal with your family or friends and order several pieces, as the price decreases depending on the size of the order. Even with two drones, the unit price is smaller, and if we order, for example, 10 items, we will pay even smaller amount per drone.


What is very important, this equipment has received really good feedback from its users. It is widely praised not only for the quality of workmanship, but also for the functionality and, above all, for the simplicity of control. Users also praise high quality of photos and videos recorded by the camera. There is really little information about technical problems, so it seems to us that this equipment is really reliable.

Is it worth purchasing? If so, where?

If you are a fan of drones or you are just beginning your adventure with these devices, in our opinion DroneX Pro can be a really good choice. Of course, you have to answer the question for yourself whether it is actually a piece of equipment that will be useful to you. Drones are especially attractive for people who travel a lot, who love to capture beautiful moments in photos.

If you decide to go ahead, there are many purchase options, but it seems to us that the best and safest way to order is simply on the manufacturer’s website. This primarily gives you the confidence of buying original equipment. In addition, though, only the manufacturer’s website allows you to order several devices with rebates which we mentioned earlier.

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  1. valina hermes says:

    Does anybody already have this marvel at home and can you share your impressions? I’d like to buy it for a 10-year-old. Is it really designed in such a way that it practically controls itself?

  2. clarette necaise says:

    ok, replaceable rotor blades are totally cool, not so frequent in competitors, but where can you buy such replacements? Can’t see them anywhere…

  3. sada heywood says:

    hey. Can you send me any pics taken by the camera on this drone? I’d like to see the real quality of these photos, thank you in advance!

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