Avast Cleanup Premium – does it fulfill its task? Your reviews and experiences

A gradual decrease of the computer’s performance is a problem that most of us face.

When we buy a completely new computer, we are surprised by its huge efficiency, the speed of loading the system, the operation of the web browser and all other components. Over time, this efficiency decreases, and it is usually associated with a gradual „clogging” of the operating system.

Tons of unnecessary data collected on disks, dozens of programs we do not use, system registry errors or malware seriously affect the computer’s performance and application loading times. Manual removal of everything requires not only time, but often knowledge, but there is software such as Avast Cleanup Premium. According to the manufacturer, it is supposed to be a simple and quick way to speed up the computer, but is it really so?

What is it and how does this software work?

Homepage. Source: https://www.avast.com/en-us/cleanup

Avast is a brand that is probably well-known to many users of computers and also smartphones. For years, it has specialized in the production of modern anti-virus software, which has its versions both for computers and for mobile devices, for instance, with Android systems. Avast Cleanup Premium is, therefore, a software prepared by security specialists, which should definitely inspire much more trust.

The application is really a set of several different tools, with the help of which we are to speed up the operation of our computer, remove unnecessary files and thus free up disk space and get rid of malicious software, including advertising or programs constantly running in the background and downloading data. As the company assures, the application has been prepared in such a way as to ensure ease of use for nonprofessionals.

Tools available in the program

What is included in this software? There are quite a few tools, but the most important ones include:

  • a tool to speed up the computer’s performance;
  • a tool to clean the hard drive and system registry;
  • application that removes unnecessary data in web browsers and removes inactive shortcuts from the computer;
  • bloatware removal software that is looking for advertising applications, which include bars, and those that only slow down computers.

The first tool, whose task is to speed up the computer, looks especially interesting. As the manufacturer assures, it offers a unique technology of “sleep function” for unused programs. We can create a list of programs that will be suspended while the computer is running, along with all processes that are associated with them. This does not mean, however, that we are cut off from these programs. By running one of them, the tool will automatically wake them up, and after closing the program, the toll will put it in the sleep mode again.

Cleaning your disk, system registry or web browser may not only help you speed up your computer, but above all it will provide us with extra space for important data. Often, we do not realize how much space on the computer may be taken by the so-called trash files.

Bloatware is software most often of advertising nature. We may see strange advertising bars in various places; sometimes banners with ads and many similar items will pop up. These programs are not only annoying, but they also significantly slow down the computer. The tool available in the application is to offer effective removal of such programs.

The effectiveness of the software

Features. Source: https://www.avast.com/en-us/cleanup

On the internet, it is easy to find information related to the fact that programs designed to speed up the computer do not really help much, and an intervention of a good IT specialist is necessary. It is worth noting, however, that these opinions most often refer to free programs, which often themselves install bloatware and only slow down our computers even more.

In the case of Avast Cleanup Premium, however, we have a full guarantee from the manufacturer that the efficiency of operation is at a very high level. What’s more, we are using software prepared by an experienced company. In addition, on their website we have a fairly accurate analysis of the tests that the company carried out on its software. Based on averaging these tests, we can count on:

  • acceleration of system and application startup by up to 75%;
  • freeing disk space from a few to even several dozen gigabytes (depending on the overall disk capacity);
  • increasing the battery life for laptops by up to 90%;
  • less problematic working of the operating system thanks to cleaning and repairing the registry as well as the removal of advertising software.

Price of the license

Extra features. Source: https://www.avast.com/en-us/cleanup

Are you wondering how much you will have to pay to buy this program? Much depends on what you choose. It should be mentioned first that everyone can download the software even now and test it using the free trial version.

If we find the software convincing enough, we can now order it for over a dozen dollars. It is a one-year license for one computer only. We can pay in advance for a license for 2 or 3 years and with these options the price for 12 months will of course be lower. In addition, Avast gives you the opportunity to purchase licenses for several computers, more specifically 3, 5 or 10. In this case, it is also cheaper than buying licenses individually.

Users’ reviews?

The fact that the software really works can be seen quite easily, thanks to the opinions of users, and there is no shortage of those on the internet. After partially analyzing them, we were able to confirm quite quickly that the manufacturer’s assurances are quite truthful, and many people actually noticed a significant improvement in the performance of their computer. Much better results are certainly seen in older computers with lower processing power, but the newest machines will also feel this “breath of fresh air” after cleaning them.

Is it worth buying and what is the best place to do it?

We must also mention where it is best to order the software. The price quoted above is valid for the offer directly from the manufacturer and it is the only place where we can safely buy a license. We can be sure the software is legal and of course the option to use technical support if necessary.

Of course, we can also buy license keys on many auction and advertising portals, but we strongly discourage doing so. Although the keys are really cheap, they often come from purchases made with stolen credit cards or licenses technically intended for only one computer. We advise you to be careful, because buying illegally obtained keys we can get in serious trouble.

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Avast Cleanup Premium - reviews from the forum:

  1. fairleigh rainey says:

    Is it worth investing in this software? It’s true that such programs are iffy, I have yet to find one that would really do something that makes sense… if you are using Avast tools, let me know how they work for you?

  2. joletta macomber says:

    how true is the statement that even a nonprofessional can handle this program? I’m totally clueless about this stuff but I’m about to go crazy, my computer is so slow. I hope it will help but will I be able to handle this software?

  3. adah keefe says:

    Hey. Do you know how much space this program takes after installation?

  4. kristel brockway says:

    what does buying a single computer license mean? If I buy it today and install it, and in six months I reinstall the operating system, can I reinstall this program as well???

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