Freelancing is a branch that is dynamically developing not only around the world but also in emerging markets.

The result of this fashion to work remotely and of the implementation of quick orders from home is a rapid emergence of subsequent portals which goal is to create a bridge between freelancers and people seeking such services online. One of them is the portal Fiverr, which is interesting not only because it covers the whole world. It’s also fascinating because of its formula, and that’s why we will try to have a closer look at what Fiverr has to offer.

What is it and how does it work?

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People involved in the implementation of various small orders remotely, certainly know more or less the principle of functioning of such portals, even if they never had the opportunity to use them. Fiverr is a genuinely two-sided platform, and therefore offers many benefits to people working remotely, and, of course, to people seeking remote services.

The platform started its activity in 2010, but recently it has been dynamically growing, having an increasingly extensive database of freelancers. We can currently find on Fiverr over 4,000 different services, plus over 2 million exciting job offers that can help you earn a lot. The idea behind the website is to provide services for $5. Yes, theoretically every service can be ordered for this amount, but the vast majority of this applies to very basic services.

One such service is called “gig” on the website, and we are dealing here with primary as well as premium services, for which you have to pay more. Additional fees for the client may also be linked to the requirement of quick execution of the order or having exceptional conditions, which are not included in the price. $ 5 is therefore only a starting price. However, according to many reviews of this company, even if you order more expensive services, you can still save a lot of money.

The significant advantage of the portal is undoubtedly its internationality. If, for example, we are looking for someone who will write us a few texts for a company website, we will find not only specialists from Poland but also from Italy, France, Great Britain or even from the United States. Thus, you can order content on the website right away in several language versions.

The company is also making sure to provide security for its clients. Registered freelancers can be evaluated by listing stars and writing comments. Besides, the contractors, along with the performance of subsequent tasks, increase their level of trust. On the one hand, such people are more trusted with those seeking their services, on the other they can also set higher and higher rates while becoming professionals.

How to make money? A short guide

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Let’s now look at the exact service from the point of view of a freelancer, a person who would like to start earning through Fiverr. Initially, one will probably treat it as a small additional income, but over time, when you begin collecting good reviews, you may be able to build a stable company through this site. How to start earning on Fiverr?

The first step, of course, is to register on the site, which, fortunately, is entirely free. We will also pay nothing for the membership or listing offers. The only commission we will meet is the payment of remuneration. The portal always takes 20% of the freelancer’s salary. If, for example, we make an order for $ 10, $ 8 will go to our pocket.

The next step is to build your offer. It is worth writing a few words about yourself, and think about what services you want to offer. We choose one of the tens of categories, set the details of the basic service, premium service and any other, and then just wait for the first customer.

The work is carried out entirely remotely. If, for example, we want to deal with graphic design, we complete the order, and then we deliver it to the client through the website. After acceptance, money for the order appears on your virtual account, of course after deducting the 20% commission.

You can carry out orders as often as you like and withdraw money from a virtual account according to your will. You can transfer them to your PayPal account or use them directly on the website if you want to use some of the services yourself.

How much can you earn?

You’re probably wondering what salary you can count on now? Well, there is no rule here. The rates start with the mentioned $ 5, but when you become a trusted seller,  you could earn 100 $ and even more in one order. A lot depends on what industry you choose on the site and, above all, how much time would you like to spend on it.

However, the service guarantees flexibility, and thus the possibility of freely adjusting the working time to your abilities. So it is an excellent option for people looking for a regular source of income, as well as for those who just want to earn extra money from time to time.

Tax issues

Of course, becoming a contractor on the Fiverr website, you will start to earn some income, which naturally involves tax issues. The portal itself does not deal with these matters, mainly since it operates internationally, and each country has its tax regulations.

It is really up to us to settle accounts with our own Tax Office from each income received.

Opinions of sellers and buyers

Because the portal can boast of many views about itself, we decided to look at them a bit, checking both the comments written by the freelancers and the clients. What could we determine?

The seller praise, above all, that there is a pervasive market and it is easy to find a client for their services. The website is also recommended by the lack of additional fees, only the basic commission. In addition to this, many industries are also often included. That way it makes it easier for the customers to reach specific services.

The buyers, on the other hand, praise the international nature of the website and a very well-prepared interface that facilitates the search for services. It is also recommended for the system of assessment and giving opinions, which allows the person seeking services to make sure that the selected seller, assigned to perform a given task, is trustworthy.

In summary: Is it worth using?

From the point of view of the companies, in our opinion it is a great alternative to using the services of professional companies or agencies, dealing with writing texts, positioning, creating graphic designs or entire websites. Ordering such tasks from freelancers will undoubtedly be cheaper.

People who want to develop their home business can certainly, thanks to this offer, in a short time gain many new customers. Although initially, you have to agree to poor incomes, you can build your reputation quite quickly and thus systematically raise prices, earning more and more money.

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Fiverr - reviews:

  1. brittney herrin says:

    I understand that no binding contract is signed with this company? If I do not like something or I can not deal with such work, I pay the money I am collecting, and I delete my account and the end, right?

  2. loutitia murchison says:

    I do not understand how it works. If, for example, I get an order to do complicated design, then I will have to make up for this $ 5 and I will not get a penny anymore?

  3. tootsie given says:

    it is quite interesting to present, but please tell me if the transfers made on PayPal by the website do not have a commission in them? For whether if I withdraw from my PP account to my bank account, I will not make another commission? Let me know please because I have never used PP and I do not know how it works …

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