Sammydress – is it worth shopping here? Your reviews

An attribute of most women is, of course, a closet filled with clothes, which should always be up to date with current fashion trends. Not everyone has enough money to regularly change their wardrobe according to the newest collections from known designers. Each fashion lover can shop at SammyDress, which is the modern on-line shop that tries to follow current fashion trends and always has interesting collections on offer.

Gearbest – is shopping at this store really worthwhile? My experiences and reviews

Shopping in Asia is definitely gaining popularity and it’s good to know that Aliexpress is not all that China has to offer. In fact, recently I’ve been finding out more and more frequently that many items can be quite expensive on Aliexpress while at the Gearbest portal, which I would like to devote some time to, you can save even up to a few dozen dollars!

Aliexpress – is it a legit and reliable store? My story and your reviews

For a long time I had been considering shopping in China via Aliexpress, and my friends succeeding in this very field over and over again actually brought me closer to taking this step. I’ll admit it wasn’t easy, there were lots of doubts and worries, but it quickly turned out that it wasn’t that bad.